Error when clicking on SketchUp for the first time. Something to do with Intel HD Graphics not updated when it is


Sketchup decided the first time I open it up to display a Bug Splat Error. When I clicked on “send error report” it directed me to a page telling me that I need to update my intel HD graphics driver. Yet, It has updated and is still telling me that error. Please help.


You didn’t state which version of SU you are installing, it would also help to know how old your system is. It is a known issue with versions starting with SU2017 that Hardware Graphic Acceleration must be capable, and on older systems the kind folks at Intel decided it was not worth their time to update the older drivers.


yeah the system i’ve got around 2012 or 2013 ,my driver version is and i’ve got SU make 2017, but is there a fix?


You will have to stick with using SU2016, unless you can replace your graphics card or driver. I’m guessing you are using a Dell Laptop. Start by running the Checkup on your system, then scoot over to Intel and see if they have an updated driver for your machine.


i have used the sketchup checkup software, but that too does not work. I will just try to get the SU 2016 edition. Thanks for your help though, i really appreciate it.


You must update the driver to or later.

See this old post …


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