I am stuck! Bug Splat Error every time. SU Pro 15' Window 32 bit

I have successfully downloaded the files(SU Pro 15’, Windows 32 bit). I click on the icon and I select my template. As soon as I select the template, SU crashes and sends me a bug splat. There is a message that pops up on my windows as soon as I open SU. I think it is telling me exactly what my problem is but I can’t figure out what I need to do to address it. It reads “The color scheme has been changed to Windows 7 Basic. A running program isn’t compatible with certain visual elements of Windows”

My first attempt at fixing this problem was to purchase a new graphics card (GEFORCE GT 710, 2GB) and update to the current version. This did not solve my problem. Any ideas? image

Hi @astok

How many times do you get that popup?
Does SketchUP start after that?
What happens if you access to the settings to make sure your color scheme is the default one?


You can try running this checkup.


I get that pop up every time I attempt to open SU. The programs starts, but then quickly crashes once I select my template. I clicked on the wrench icon you highlighted, it appears this is just an icon notification manager - unless im missing something. The check up you attached looks like its for SU 2017 64-bit, i am afraid that wont help me much.

You’re right, it’s only for 64 bits, I’m so sorry.

The message looks clear (but the reason could be a different one): a running program (probably SketchUP) isn’t compatible with certain visual elements of Windows (maybe Aero or another visual elements, the theme, the icons, the colors, … on Windows 7)

What I would do is looking for something related to these terms in google:

  • Windows 7 how to disable aero (if it’s disable then set it enable)
  • Windows 7 change color scheme.

I just logged in to our crash report database but I don’t see any crashes with your name on them. The next time it crashes, put your name and email address in the appropriate boxes and submit the crash report to us. Then I can tell you why you’re crashing!


Thanks Marc - I just submitted the report.

Aero was enabled. I changed the background color scheme to disable it. The error message did not appear, however SU still crashed. Maybe I wasn’t as close as I thought. Thanks anyways @spawn.

I see the crash reports and I’m asking if anyone on the team knows how to work around them.


Thanks for trying to help him.
If it helps, he told me he also turned Aero off with no success.

It looks like this crash is happening in the Ruby system. When you installed SU 2015, did you also install or copy over any Ruby extensions? If so, try uninstalling those extensions and running SketchUp without any extensions.

Alternately, there’s a slight chance that this is an issue with the Microsoft Runtime Redistributable. Trying uninstalling SketchUp, downloading and installing the “Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Runtime Redistributable” from Microsoft, then reinstall SketchUp.

Depending on your requirements, you could also try running the 64-bit version of SketchUp. Since it exercises different libraries, there’s a chance that you can side-step the problem.


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Hi Marc,

I am not familiar with the Ruby software. I checked into my programs and I
do not have Ruby installed anywhere on my computer. Would I have noticed
the Ruby extension if I used it?

I tried the solution for the run time redistributable issue- same problem.
I submitted a bug splat error report.

I am afraid my computer is not 64 bit compatible.

You probably don’t have any Ruby extensions unless you specifically installed them yourself.

You could try a newer version of SketchUp - I believe that SU 2016 is the most recent version that still has 32-bit support. If you only have a license for 2015 then you might be stuck. If you can run 2016 successfully, you might be able to talk to the sales team about buying an old license for it.

Otherwise, I don’t have much more to offer. You can submit a ticket with the support team to see if they can help further.


  • latest SUP version 2015 M3 (build 16.1.1450 x32)?
  • did you have installed and launched by “right-click > Run as Admin”?
  • latest driver for your (pretty old/slow) nVidia GT 710 installed?
  • installed on local drive “C:” or an other drive (“D:” etc.)?
  • any special characters in your user name?
  • does launching with pressed Shift button help?

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