Fix Bug Splat in SketchUp

hi there, i found error in every i installing sketch up. bug splat.

anyone can explain why it happend and how to fix it?

Not from the little information you provide. Are you still using Windows 8 and SketchUp 8 as your profile indicates?

Please provide some useful information about what is happening and when it happens.

yeah right, I use Sketch Up 8 for my purposes.

but every time I install the Sketch Up Pro to my laptop, there is always a bug splat

Install it or start run it?

If it crashes on startup, most likely it’s due to an issue with the graphics drivers. Intel HD drivers are known to be less than adequate for OpenGL support. Try updating the drivers for your card. That may help.

first, i full uninstall sketch up 8
then, i try to install sketch up pro. 2017, 2016, and 2015. i try all of it.

after installed onto my laptop, i try to use it and there is bug splat every sketch up Pro version.

Are you running 64-bit Windows? Did you try updating the graphics drivers as I told you?

When you submit the bugsplat report, it should give you a crash number. Post that number here and we can look it up to give you more details.


i don’t get any crash number when i submit error report in bug splat window.
every i send error report it immediately closed.

nothing about crash number

If you put your name or email address on the crash report, I can look it up that way.


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