Cant launch the sketchup - bug splat


I spent my whole morning trying to launch the SU pro 2018. Everytime I double click in the icon It open, and I can visualize my project, but after that it crash and a BUG SPLAT window show up.

Reboot the system- done
Check all drivers - done
Tried to launch a different file - done

I also use the Layout 2018, and when i’ve opened the SU I was using the Layout. I don’t know if this bug is related to both or just to the SU.

any help will be appreciated.



Did you submit the BugSplat reports to Trimble with your identifying information filled in? You should then have gotten a browser window acknowledging the report and providing an error report number. If you add that number to this topic it will help the Trimble staff to identify your report and analyze what is going wrong.



if disabling “Window > Preferences > OpenGL > Use Fast Feedback” helps, the OpenGL support of the used AMD Radeon Crimson graphics driver is shitty (again).

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How did you check the graphics drivers? Did you ask Windows or did you go to the AMd site and actually install the latest drivers?

Do you know for a fact that the AMD Radeon card is set up to run SketchUp or is the integrated Intel graphics set to run it? And have you updated its drivers?



I did this report twice but the process kept crashing. As I couldn’t see the details of the report when the bug happened, I didn’t know what was causing the error.
Anyway, I just fixed by deleting plugins that I had installed, that was the problem!




What plugins had you installed that caused SketchUp to crash on startup?



Hi dave, i’ve used the Radeon configuration card system on my PC and i’ve also checked on the radeon website.



I had to reinstall the VRAY and Curviloft.



Probably just Vray was the culprit. This is not uncommon. Of course had we known you had Vray installed from the beginning, I bet at least several respondents would have jumped on that. :wink: At least you seem to be back up and running.

Out of curiosity, when you installed SketchUp, did you right click on its installer file and select Run as administrator or did you just double click on the installer?



My mistake, I should have said that I was using Vray. :sweat_smile:

“Run as administrator or did you just double click on the installer?” - Yes I did

But I still don’t understand why the pop-up window that appears after completing the report indicated that I had no connection and It crashed.

Thank you Dave for all support!



And a lesson for all SketchUp users as well as posters here: when SketchUp suddenly starts doing something strange, your first step should always be to ponder what you did last that could alter SketchUp ‘s configuration. Installing an extension is a frequent cause. Sometimes a bad extension will interact with others on a way that crashes SketchUp. Windows sneaking a bad driver into an update is another thing to check.

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Which one did you do? Double click?

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