SU2018 bug splat on second 2nd launch

I am running SU2018 Pro (trial) on Win10. The initial launch after installation works great. When I shut it down and relaunch I get a bug splat with no report details. Removal of and reinstallation of the program gives identical results. I have also had the same results using the old SU8.

Can anyone suggest a solution?


Fill out the Bugsplat with, at the very least, your email address.

Bugsplats are sent to Trimble as they generally document (to Trimble) weird things going on under the hood.

Once you’ve submitted it with your email address, wait a couple of days (weekends and holidays don’t count) then, if you haven’t heard from Trimble, ask again here. Be sure to say that you submitted a bugsplat with email address XX days ago. That will, most likely, get the attention of someone at Trimble who will most likely check - using your email - to see if they can shed light on the subject.

Two thoughts. Did you install SketchUp correctly? On Windows that requires that you right click on the installer exe file and choose Run as Administrator. If you didn’t do that, SketchUp is not installed correctly. You must use your normal log in to Windows AND you must right click on the installer EXE and select Run as Administrator from the menu.

Second, a common cause of Splats on startup is related to graphics card/graphics driver issues. Make sure the drivers for your card are up to date.

Third, if you are using a laptop, make sure the power settings are optimized for performance, not power saving.

DaveR, thank you for the response. I did not choose Run as Administrator but did verify the account I installed from has Admin privileges. The driver on my GC is the latest version.

I just uninstalled and reinstalled as Administrator. The initial launch went fine but did ask about installing some add-ins which I declined. I opened and did a save-as on the file I had previously created then closed the program. Re-launching again provided a bugsplat w/o report files.

I do very much appreciate your comments if you have further suggestions I would be happy to hear them,


Steven, thanks for the tip. I did send a bugsplat in on monday with my email address. I will give it another day or two and if no response I will do as you have suggested.



That isn’t adequate for proper installation. As I wrote, you must right click on the installer and choose Run as administrator for correct installation.

What add-ins? You shouldn’t be asked to install any additional programs. Where did you get the install file?

David I missed your comment about the add-ins and download location.

This is the url I downloaded from;

The filename is: SketchUpPro-en, Application, 167,178KB

The add in is Trimble Connect (see snap)

I ran the installation again using the trouble shooter which seems to have fixed the problem.

Thanks all for your input!

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