Bugsplat on Launch 2021

Tried to launch both Sketchup and Layout 2020 yesterday and I get an immediate bugsplat. Has worked fine for a year, this is new. Downloaded and installed SU pro 2021 and Layout 2021, same problem on launch. Thoughts?

Bug Splats on launch are typically caused by the graphics card or its drivers. Are you sending in the Bug Splat reports with information that would link them to you? It might be that @colin could look at them and tell you.

Your profile indicates an integrate Intel card. Try going to the Intel site directly and getting the latest drivers for it and install them. It’s fairly common for Windows updates to include broken graphics drivers for integrated graphics cards. It could be that a recent update included bad drivers.

Your profile says it’s an Intel 360. Is it possible it’s a 630 instead?

Yes, it’s a 630, typing while frustrated…

Latest update claims to be installed, I have sent 2 reports so far, awaiting response. Related/unrelated, assumed it was drivers as my Google Earth is doing the same thing and this could be the cause. No success on that either.

Don’t trust Windows to tell you that. It’s telling you the latest one shipped with the last update is installed. Go to the Intel site, download the latest driver they have for it and install that.

Could be related indeed.

Was able to install updated driver for Intel card. Also have NVIDIA GTX 1650. Sketchup will launch on Intel card, but wants to use NVIDIA card. If I select that as preferred, error message on launch says “hardware acceleration unsupported or disabled” . Cannot find out how to resolve on NVIDIA console. Assume should go to their support, yes?

Go to the Nvidia site and install their latest drivers for that card.

Sorry, meant to add that I did that as well.

What is your monitor arrangement? If it’s more than one screen, what happens if you run on one screen?

Are you at the computer, or connecting remotely?

Do you have the correct preferences set in the Nvidia control panel?

Running on Dell Vostro laptop, through Dell hub to a Dell Canvas and a Dell P2219H.

Unplugged the hub, changed to NVIDIA card and launched SU. Opened without an error message. Looks like a Hub driver update necessary, yes?

It may still be a SketchUp issue, we’re certainly checking into dock related issues. My theory is that during the startup of SketchUp the system claims to have one GPU ready for use, but by the time the welcome screen appears, or a new document opens, the GPU has changed.

It would be nice if the hub does get updates, and that one fixes the issue, but for now try to come up with a combination of monitors where the SketchUp window opens and is still using the Nvidia GPU. Look to see if there is an HDMI port, for some people those have worked where a display port cable doesn’t.


I’m able to unplug the display port from the laptop, launch SU with the NVIDIA card used, open a file, then plug the display port back into the laptop. SU shows up on the Dell Canvas AND it is still using the NVIDIA card. Display port is on the latest driver, no newer update was available. Hope this helps. Please let me know if I can provide anymore information.


It’s worth trying. Also try updating the hub firmware, and perhaps your computer firmware too. If unlucky, you can also try connecting the external monitor directly to your laptop.