Bugsplat on launch - both 2016 and 2017 64bit version for Windows 7 OS



I have been a longtime user of Sketchup. used 2016 earlier this year wiht no problems. Then I started getting Bug Splat upon launch., So i attempted to install 2017 to see if problem went away. No good… neither version works.
Bugsplat shows as soon as you press the “Start using sketchup” button on the splash screen. no other window shows up. same exact symptoms for both versions.


If SU2016 was working and now isn’t, look at what has changed recently. Typically Bug Splats on launch are traced to the graphics driver. Did you get a driver update during an update? Try rolling the graphics driver back a generation or two and see if that changes anything.


As SU16 was working, did you install any plugins or update graphic driver?

SU17 has notably more stringent software and hardware requirements over SU16. If the OP profile is correctly listing the graphic card, the oldest driver that provides adequate OpenGL 3.0 (which is now required for SU17) support with Intel HD Graphics 4000 is First try your computer manufacturer for latest drivers.

See 2017 does not run for more troubleshooting tips for computers with Intel HD Graphics 4000.