BUG SPLAT problem


I have a problem with my Sketchup Make 17.

It was working fine utill today. Now every time I try to open it Bug Splat opens.
I tried many things, please let me know if there is anything more I can do.

I have OpenGL 4.0
Updated graphic cad drivers (as far as I can say)

Machine I am working on is:
Lenovo laptop
Intel i5 - 2.6GHz
Intel® HD Graphics 4000

As a separate note, for some reason I can not do Sketchup CHeck for Sketchup Make17, it crashes before finishing process.

Please HELP!!

Was there a Windows update overnight? Since we can say for certain that SketchUp 2017 Make hasn’t changed, you need to look at what has changed. Most likely, if the crash is occurring on startup, it is related to the graphics drivers and perhaps a change pushed by Microsoft. They commonly push updates for Intel graphics drivers that break things. If the drivers are up to date (check the Intel site to be sure) then the next step would be to roll the drivers back to a version that works.

This looks to be the latest driver direct from Intel, released this past Jan 3rd (2018) …
It is driver ver


To check against your current installed driver …

Start Menu > Control Panel > Device Manager
Expand the Display adapters in the device tree
Double click your display adapter and it’s Properties dialog appears
Click the Driver tab
The driver version is displayed on this panel.

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I tried more than five drivers, but finally I managed to find right one…
thanks for help

Glad you got it solved. Now that you’ve found a driver that works, keep track of it. You’ll probably need to revert to it again.