SketchUp Make 2017 Bug Splat on Startup

Hi all,

I’m having issues with SU Make 2017. A bug splat comes up everytime I try to launch it.

It has been uninstalled and reinstalled.

Any assistance would be appreciated!

Note: SU Make 2016 is working fine on this PC


Odds are this is because of the increased OpenGL requirements of SketchUp 2017 vs earlier versions. Your profile says Intel HD Graphics 4600. Those graphics are notorious for buggy OpenGL drivers, which is most likely the cause of your crashes. I’m not an expert on the specific versions of the Intel HD Graphics, but maybe there is an updated driver that will work. But if not, you will have to stay with SketchUp 2016.

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Thanks for the quick response. I just updated the drivers and SU 2017 is now working. I’ll keep this in mind for future versions.

Thanks for your help!!

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