Crash on Startup

Hello, I have the 30 day trial for sketchup pro, however every time I try to launch, i get a BugSplat and am unable to open it.

I have submitted the BugSplat under my email. Any advice would be helpful. I am updated to the latest graphics driver and have tried reinstalling multiple times. Thank you

Typically Bug Splats on launch are caused by the graphics card or its drivers. Your profile says you have an Nvidia graphics card. Go to the Nvidia site to get and install their latest drivers for the card. After installing the drivers, do a cold reboot of your computer.

Also make sure you installed SketchUp correctly. On Windows that requires right clicking on the downloaded installer and choosing Run as administrator. If you didn’t do that, find the installer, probably still in your Downloads folder, and do it. Then if presented with the option, choose Repair.

Just to confirm what Dave is suggesting, more often than not this update statement means you have asked windows, don’t rely on that, always go to the manufacturers site for the latest driver.

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Thank you, I have done all of the above. I used Nvidia’s installer for the latest graphics driver and completely shut down and restarted. I also always run as an admin, both on install and initial boot. I also ran a sketchup checkup, which resulted in an error. I can provide the file/screenshot if needed.

I also tried repairing the software but that did not seem to work either… I even ensured my computer is using the correct graphics card, as there is also an intel display card

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Do you have multiple monitors? How are they hooked up?

I do have multiple monitors. I have my laptop and that is connected to a docking station that outputs to three monitors

What if you disconnect your computer from the dock and use only your laptop screen? Does it still crash? Or if you connect an external monitor directly to your laptop? Other people too have had issues with docks - either they might be using the Intel chip instead of your Nvidia card or they might be preventing OpenGL from running. I had the Nvidia 620M in my previous ultraportable, started wondering if it has enough memory to support four monitors, especially if they are high resolution.

That seems to have been exactly the issue. I disconnected from the dock and it launched right away. both you and MikeWayzovski were spot on. Thank you very much!