Sketchup Pro 2019 crashes at launch

My sketchup pro 2019 crashes at launch since this week. I last used it 10 days ago and it worked perfectly fine. I have a laptop with win 10 os, and a a graphic card Nvidia quadro t100. Bug splat appears at launch (Crash report with note #627817). I used some of the tips in the forum and set the windows os level settings as suggested but it still doesn’t work. Yesterday I installed Sketchup again hoping that that would work but nothing.

Well, since SketchUp 2019 hasn’t changes since 2019 and it worked before, you need to look at what has changed. Bug Splats on startup are commonly caused by graphics driver problems. You could go to the Nvidia site and install their latest graphics drivers.

When you “installed SketchUp again”, did you right click on the installer and choose Run as administrator? If you didn’t do that now and when prompted, choose the Repair option.

Thank you for your reply. I upgraded the graphic card driver and used the repair option as you suggested when running the installation as aministrator but the problem is stil there

Are you sending in the Bug Splats with something that identifies they are coming from you? Maybe @colin willhave a moment to look up your splats and see what they say.

Yes. I’ve sent out a few but I was using a different e-mail. I just sent another one with this address and the crash number is #628074

Let’s see what Colin says when he gets time to look at your splat report.

thank you very much

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I only see one bugsplat from your email or your IP address, and that is the 628074 that you mentioned.

That one shows an Intel GPU specific error, which someone else who was on Nvidia had reported.

What is your monitor arrangement, and how are they connected? If it’s a laptop, what happens if you only run with the internal screen?

Hi Colin. Thank you for your reply. I’m using a usb docking station cclub csv-3242 hda manual, to which I connected 2 screens: AOC e2350Sda (connected by HDMI) and Asus VS228DE (connected by VGA). If I try to use the software without the docking station it does work fine, but I really set the 2 screens to use 3d softwares. Any suggestions?

I have met docking stations that do not support OpenGL or use only integrated graphics instead of the “card” in your laptop.
What you can try:

  • Update your computer’s display drivers (both the nvidia and integrated if present)
  • Download and install the latest firmware updates to your computer and the docking station
  • Update the Thunderbolt software/driver in your computer
  • Update the network driver in your computer.

Thank you very much. This afternoon I’ll have a technician coming to set other things and I’ll submit your post to him, hoping to find a solution, aslo becouse I specifically bought this laptop from his company and had organized this setting telling them that I had to use sketchup. I’ll let you know if they can fix this and, if so, how.

One thing to try, too, is connecting an external monitor to your computer directly, without the docking station, and see if it still crashes.

Hi. I tryed that and it works!! My technitian never arrived today but I’ll try to see if there something that we can do with the docking station; if not, I can always connect it directly when I have to use sketchup, as I didn’t have any problems with other softwares so far. Thank you very much for your help.