My SketchUp 2019 is not opening... whenever I open it, it bug splats

please help we guys
i have tried everything possible

hello, have you installed plugins recently ?

Bug Splats on startup are most commonly caused by graphics drivers. Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date.Don’t trust Windows to tell you, though. Go directly to the graphic card manufacturer’s site and get their latest one.

Also, when you installed SketchUp 2019, did you right click on the installer and choose Run as administrator? If not, or if you aren’t sure, do that now and repair the installation.

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No not in 2019 version…actually i have installed 2019 yesterday only… before this i was using 2014 version, in that also same problem was happening to i installed the latest version

my graphic driver is up to date…i have tried that also and during installing which one should i select?

When you install SketchUp on Windows, you must right click on the downloaded installer and choose Run as administrator. Since you’ve already installed it (albeit not correctly) you will be presented with options. Choose Repair.

These is no repair option and i think i have installed is correctly only by clicking on Run as administrator

I assume you have been submitting the BugSplat reports to Trimble with your identifying information (otherwise they can’t help you). They are pretty good about getting back to people who submit completed BugSplats. It can help if you reference this topic in the BugSplat report and also post the crash report number here in the forum.

Exactly what graphics card do you have? It is very possible it does not have the openGL support Sketchup needs?

this is my sketchup check up summary

I have submitted the report.
where i can check the crash report number?

There is a current problem when using DisplayLink docks, and with the Windows 10 update from a few weeks ago. The problem was fixed a month ago by Microsoft, but that build is not yet public.

I have work around, but first, can you try SketchUp just running on the internal screen of your laptop, does that work? Are you using a dock to connect to an external monitor?

When you submit the report your web browser should open to an acknowledgement page with the crash report number and maybe a diagnosis.

no its getting open only

Can anyone please guide me further

Please answer the 2 questions that Colin asked.

This statement makes no sense to us.

my sketch up is not getting open…whenever i am trying to open it,bug splat dialogue box is coming.

@rashi.mungiya, We understand you get a BugSplat crash when opening SketchUp.

Please answer:

When you get the BugSplat …

If the answer is yes, …

No, I am not using any dock