Pro Sketchup crashes when opening !?

Hello everyone,
Havent used this program in a while, but cant even open the program without getting the Bugsplat error message. Had SketchUP 2017 downloaded and wouldnt open any more withought getting the bugsplat error message, so i downloaded sketchup 2019 and now that is doing the same. Any help would be greatly appreciated. driving distance

I am facing the same problem.
please someone help us

In general, this is due to graphic card issues.
Have the latest drivers installed. (Intel)

Always install SketchUp by rightclicking on the installer file and choose ‘Run as Admin’

This will ensure installation of C++ distributables also.

Check this page, also:

I have the latest video driver and I was using sketch up from last 2 years, now suddenly this bug splat problem is happening…
Even I have checked my laptops minimum requirement to run the sketch up,everything is fine in that.

Are either of you using a dock of some sort? How does SketchUp do when just running on a laptop internal screen?

can you please explain me what laptop internal screen is?

Hi, Rashi - I answered in the other thread you posted in. Please try to use only one thread so we don’t conflate your issue with someone else’s.

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Laptops are usually made up of a keyboard area and a lid. When you lift the lid it reveals a display. That is the internal screen.

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