My SketchUp 2019 is not opening... whenever I open it, it bug splats

my sketch up is not getting open…whenever i am trying to open it,bug splat dialogue box is coming.

@rashi.mungiya, We understand you get a BugSplat crash when opening SketchUp.

Please answer:

When you get the BugSplat …

If the answer is yes, …

No, I am not using any dock

yesterday, when i wanted to do some work on sketch up (almost after a month) is started showing the bug problem

have you tried with an empty .skp file?

have you tried without extensions?


yes i have tried with empty .skp file
I don’t have any extensions

Could you please suggest me something to solve this problem.
I want my sketch up back ASAP

Start here for help …

Please Update your profile with Windows version.

Do you use a notebook / laptop computer ?

Are you identifying your Bugsplats with your email? We can look and see what’s happening. Ah, nevermind - I see your crash # above… I’ll look.

It’s your ATI card. Google “atio6axx” and you’ll see other folks and other machines and software that have issues. I’ll let others in forums help from here.

I am using laptop windows 10

No, I am not finding any bug splat with my email

Read above: check your ATI video driver. That’s your issue.

Yesterday only I have updated my Video driver with the help of dell support

That’s your issue. Please peruse the forums for solutions.

I asked because on a laptop there is also a integrated Intel GPU.
You can set SketchUp to use a particular GPU. See:

As said, your AMD/ATI video driver is not compatible with SketchUp or was incorrectly installed.

Try getting a driver package direct from AMD.

I tried the first suggestion…but no results

Barry has told you several times that the Bug Splats are being caused by the graphics card and its drivers. From the evidence it appears the solution is to get a different computer or at least replace the graphics card with one that is suitable.

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Often display drivers do not get properly updated. Sometimes you must totally uninstall the older driver via Device Manager, and then install the new driver from a predownloaded install package.

This reinstall sometimes requires a reboot before some of the older driver files can be manually deleted.

There are blogs on the internet that explain how to do this.

It can be related to a graphic card. Update drivers

If it’s interesting for you, you can check this page ( I hired a writer here for writing a good essay about SketchUp connections to driver updates. Visit it if you like

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