Bug splat error

Hi, my system crashed yesterday telling me I had a Bug Splat. I entered all of the info and submitted the error. I have not heard from Sketchup and my project still wont open. Help please Crash #474057

It is a good thing that you reported the bug, developers need the data, but they use it kind of in a ‘many to one’ approach. If you want ‘one on one’, it is better to contact support and refer to that bugsplat number.

Most of the times, crashes are related to graphical issues or using an extension. (What driver version of the graphic card is installed and does the system knows it is there or what extension do you use?)

Another (graphical) issue is trying to run on multiple monitors that are not connected directly to the video card (eg. using an USB periphical)

Then there are model specific issues. (Eg. Does it happen with all files or one in peculiar?)

Things you can do yourself:

If on multiple monitors, detach all but the main screen and try to start SketchUp.(Does it work now?)

If not:

Check if there are updates of the graphic card and the Hub you are using (don’t rely on Windows reporting but at the site of the manufacturer)

If need to update, make sure you rightclick on the downloaded file and choose ‘Run as Administrator’

Do a restart of Windows.

Next, try doing a repair of SketchUp.
Download the latest installer of your version and rightclick on that installer, choose ‘Run as Administrator’
and proceed the process (if you don’t get the option of ‘Repair’, the latest version is installed)

Do a restart of Windows.

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I do sometimes notice a bugsplat report coming in, where I know what the problem is, and I then email the person to let them know. Surprisingly few people reply to me!

Generally, support will look up your bugsplat when you contact them, to see if it will help to solve the problem. We’re trying to improve how we work with bugsplats, but for now, contacting support would be a good idea.

But, I did go and look at your ones. The document seems to be crashing while loading extensions. There is something you could try, to at least see if your document is ok.

Make sure SketchUp is closed, then in File Explorer, paste in this path:

%AppData%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2020\SketchUp

In there, rename Plugins to be something else. Open SketchUp, and your document.

If it still fails to open there may be something wrong in the document. If you can, post the file online somewhere, and give us a link to the file so that we can try it.

If the document does now open ok, that would suggest there’s something wrong with the SketchUp installation, or with one of the extensions.

I think that the only non-SketchUp extension you’re using is Cabinet Sense. After doing the test I suggested you could either go back to that folder and delete the newly created Plugins folder, and rename the old one back to be Plugins again. Or, you could get their latest plugin, and hope that it works better:

If you do still contact support, give them a link to this forum topic, so that they can then see what things you have already tried.

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