New Install BugSplat


Recently had to get a new PC at my office, and downloaded the SketchUp 8 and keep getting the bugsplat (see attached image). This also does the same with all other versions. I use Pro on my laptop and standard version at the office. Have sent the errors into SketchUp for help and have received nothing to help out.

Any idea’s??


The dialog doesn’t look like the SketchUp bugsplat window, I’m pretty sure that these informations are not sent to the SketchUp team but the OS (win) team…


here is the first window that opens up when trying to open sketchup, when you click to “view report details” is what comes up on the pic i posted.


Hi Christopher-

I’m not the windows expert here, but it looks like you’re having some sort of issue with your video drivers. Try downloading and installing the newest drivers for your video card.




I have just changed laptops at work and have the same issue. I cannot launch SU at all as I get a bug splat every time. I have the latest drivers and have checked everything I can. Anyone any suggestions???


Have you installed the most recent version of SU? There was an updated release to fix a minor bug that was causing crashes on startup in certain setups.
I know from experience that sometimes we install software from older installers on a network or thumb drive rather than downloading new when setting up a laptop.