SketchUp Make 2017 doesn't launch




I was wondering maybe some one here had this problem before and can help: I have installed SketchUp Make with the default settings and it just doesn’t lunches, I double click the icon, it thinks for a moment and than: nothing.
does anyone here has an idea what might be the problem?



First, to install SU, r-click on installer and choose Run as administrator.

If that was done and there’s still a problem, it’s most likely your graphic driver. For your integrated intel HD 4400 graphic chipset, the earliest driver with adequate OpenGL 3.0 is version or above. Try to your computer manufacturer for latest driver. See SU Checkup freezes, SU2017 won’t start.


thanks for the answer, for some reason the windows auto - adapter cant find newer version of the driver. Do you know what the system requirements of SU 2016?