Anyone got a trial key for SketchUp Pro 2016?

Is it quit or Accept?

It’s “Exit” if you want to be pedantic about it.

I’m sorry if you think I’m being pedantic. There is a difference but I’ll leave you with it.

What’s the difference between quit and exit besides spelling and letters?

I didn’t ask if it was quit or exit, I asked if it was quit or Accept. If you had downloaded a Make version rather than a Pro version it would have asked you to Add The License or ‘Accept’ the terms and conditions.
Looks like you downloaded a Pro version.

Try this:

(Edit it seems to be removed from trimble server now… :frowning: )

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Oh, my bad I thought you were having a go at me for not using the exact wording that you’ve seen, should have been. Like saying “exit” instead of “quit”. :sweat_smile:

As for downloading Make and Pro, the Make version is 404 and the download site I got Pro from only has Pro, no Make version.

Yeah, obviously which is why I got the download from that german site…

SP Gears works just fine in SketchUp 2021.

Anton is working on an update for MSPhysics. Sketchy Physics is not getting any updates.

2016 Make is no longer available. The old files hosted on the site you got 2016 Pro from are for people who already have a license for the version and need to reinstall it.

How’d you get SP Gears working in version 21? Nothing happens when I try to do it. Unless I did it wrong? Zip rb file with winrar or whatever program that can zip files up to a zip extension, then rename to rbz, then move that to the tools folder in sketchup, restart sketchup and it should work, or are those steps wrong? This is the guide I used for installing the plugins: 2 Effective Ways To Install SketchUp Plugins And Extensions | Sketchup Files - maybe it’s out of date now?

I tried MSPhysics and got errors even after installing their AMS library or whatever it is they wanted.

And why isn’t sketchy physics being updated for the 2021 version? Author dead? dead project and author has moved onto other stuff?

I just need a gear meshing simulator so I can design and plan out a custom made wooden gearbox. Most probably a linear style unless I can somehow understand the concepts of a H-shift pattern manual gearbox and plan around that or something and make one out of plywood and wooden dowels and stuff.

Ask the author. I understand it is the same person as for MSPhysics.

You don’t put anything into the Tools folder, it is reserved for Trimble stuff. You dont install RBZ files by copying them, you use the Install Extension function from the Extension Manager.

Copy the .rb file (without zip-ing) to c:\Users\your_user_name\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2021\SketchUp\Plugins\
and restart SU.

Yes. You did it wrong. Sounds like you are just making up stuff as you go along.

Assuming you mean this extension…
If you download it from that link’s connections, then it arrives as a ready-made RBZ file in your Downloads folder.
Then you can use the built-in Extension-Manager simply to ‘install’ it for you [into the Plugins Folder] - no need to mess on with zipping/renaming/manually relocating files etc…
The location of the Extension Manager menu item varies across versions, in v2021 it’s under the Extensions menu.

You seem to be making your life far more complicated than it needs to be… :roll_eyes:

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Oh well that guide needs a serious update then if you’re not suppose to add anything to the tools folder! :confused:

Holy ■■■■ (why is c-r-a-p censored?) that works! :laughing: Now just need a way to animate the meshing of two or more gears together…if only there was such a way… :upside_down_face:

What about for the rbz files? Or files that have been zipped and renamed to with a rbz extension instead of zip extension? Where do I put that? Same place?

This screenshot implies that you’re suppose to zip rb files to rbz extension and then put them somewhere? The thread didn’t mention where so I had to google that up…and that’s when I met this page: 2 Effective Ways To Install SketchUp Plugins And Extensions | Sketchup Files which in one of the methods told me to put the file into the tools folder. And isn’t that your comment with which you commented and undisputedly agree with the steps of zipping the file up and renaming it to rbz extension? So no, I was not making this stuff up. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :yum:

No I got it from here: because the guy claimed to be a more complete and up to date version of the same program.

But not in the Tools folder! I’ve never instructed anyone to put anything in the Tools folder.

I guess you missed the next sentence where I said:

but here it is:

I also assumed that’s where rbz files went too if you couldn’t do this method:

Which I couldn’t since there was no extension option in the preferences on the left:

PS - ■■■■(Wait why is d-a-m-n censored?), I like this forum style - very user friendly I can copy and paste images without needing to jump through hoops uploading it manually or externally and then pasting the link, seeing replies posted (or in the process) in realtime and be able to just click and highlight a text and quote it just like that into the reply without doing anything extra! :ok_hand:t2: :+1:t2:

Not sure where you got that from but it is flat out wrong. It has never been appropriate to install extensions in the Tools folder, whether during download or by moving them there later. Nor has this changed between current and older versions. That folder is for Tools that are distributed as part of the SketchUp distribution, not for user-installed extensions or plugins. Download to your normal browser download folder. If the download is a .rbz, install it using the extension manager without copying anything anywhere - the manager dows that for you and knows the right destination. If the download is a raw .rb the plugin is most likely quite old and not properly supported by its author, since .rbz has been the standard since late SketchUp 8 when the extension manager was added.