OpenGL 3.0 upgrade

After looking at the link closer, the only 2016 version I see is Pro. All I need is the free version. Is there someplace else I can download that?

That’s what SketchUp offers for old versions.

The link you provided SketchUp Make 2016-EN x64 : 127.073.600 Bytes is for 2017 despite what it says.

Yes. The link was originally posted in January when SketchUp 2016 was the current version.

I realize you had already tried driver updates and given up on SU 2017, so were only looking for info on how to get 2016 back, but…

@DanRathbun was referring to the useless info you put into your member profile when you joined the forum. It says your Graphic Card is bigboy01, which tells us nothing about what you actually have. You’d be surprised how often this kind of evasion makes it hard for the volunteers here to answer a question, even though you didn’t think it was relevant! For example, how do you know that someone on the forum doesn’t have the same graphics and found a way to make it work? The frequent contributors here get understandably frustrated when it takes two or three followups to find out info that could have been in the member profile.


What @slbaumgartner said is true. I’ve recently been helping others with Intel driver problems here (in other threads,) which is why I made mention of your “bigboy01” graphics. I thought, if you’d give your graphics model, I’d double check and see if your GPU was on the “no longer supported” list.

To be fair, you gave us a whole paragraph about your graphics. And you didn’t expect anyone to comment on it ?

But I also realize, that you made the decision to abandon all hope of running SU2017.
So be it. I’ll leave you to your own graphics devices.

And lastly, you asked the question about where to get SU2016 Make, which I tried to answer as well.

I actually didn’t provide the link, I pointed to a post by someone else who provided the link, which was valid when he posted it.

Sorry, I didn’t check the link closely enough. (I’ve corrected the above post.)

Here is a better more recent link (by the same person):

There are other links to SU2016 downloads for German (DE) and Spanish (ES) in that topic thread:

Thanks very much Dan. I’m now back to where I was before I tried to upgrade to V2017.

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Jim when you get a new computer upgrade as Sketchup 17 is so much better. Do yourself a favor and get pro while you are at it. .

after a lot of ranting the volunteers trying to help you in their spare time.

I truly appreciate that there are people altruistic enough to spend time on this and other forums instead of doing what presumably the get paid to do. What I don’t appreciate is being preached at by a “SketchUp Sage” that believes he knows more than I do about what I want or need. First, I included the opening paragraph in a vain attempt to show that I had already researched other places, including Intel, regarding an upgrade and found it not possible. It’s been my experience in working with computers since before MSDOS, that people on help desks or in forums either don’t read or don’t listen to the question being asked. Proven here once again.

As far as your frustration on the follow ups, go back and look at who caused them. It was not me. It was people giving invalid links, people wasting their time looking at my profile trying to find info to answer a question I didn’t ask and people not responding to the question that was asked. All that was needed was a valid link to the download site for 2016 that Dan finally provided. Had that been done initially none of the rest would have been necessary.

Finally, I’m sure that 2017 is a wonderful upgrade; however, considering that I use SketchUp maybe once or twice a year for uncomplicated, at least graphically, woodworking projects it hardly seems worthwhile to spend a lot to upgrade my computer if I can get by without it.

OK. I’ve had my rant and will not respond further to this topic.

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that download links from January of this year might not be working anymore today appears to be obvious and nothing to be claimed to people trying to help… especially with Trimble officially not providing links to old Make versions.


So - the above prompts me to ask - I have a Dell optiplex 390 running win 7pro. Will su 17 work on my computer? It has a raydon 5450 dual monitor card which is a dinosaur of sorts


you may want run the SketchUp 2017 CheckUp tool for evaluating this.

oops! Thanks for sending me to that tool. I don’t think they make a graphics card that has those specs that works in my computer. When the card burned out and I had to replace it, it wasn’t easy to track one down since they have been pretty much discontinued. The computer is 2002 vintage. I am not sure I am ready for win 10. Sigh.

Warning: Your “AMD Radeon HD 5450” graphics card has 512 MB of graphics card memory. SketchUp recommends that your graphics card have 1024 MB or more of RAM. Performance may be significantly impacted.

@gerretw When you ran Checkup, did it report that your system met all the other requirements?


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You have a PCI slot for a graphic card instead of a PCI-e? I looked up your card, the specs indicated a PCI-e. You don’t have to get the same card. You need one that fits inside the case AND have a driver that supports OpenGL 3.0. And depending on the replacement graphic card, you may or may not need up upgrade the power supply,

I have the 390 optiplex small form factor that takes the pci-e.

The AMD Radeon HD 5450 card I have is the one they recommend. If there’s another, I’m all for it. The trick is finding one that is open GL3.0. So far the best I found is open gl 2.0


the recent SU Checkup tool is faulty concerning the evaluation of the available V-RAM, for correct values you may want use the free HWiNFO.

the best low-profile card which fits into your case (max. 160x70 mm) is the MSI GeForce GTX 750Ti (N750Ti-2GD5TLP).

Supports OpenGL v4.5 and needs a dual slot as well as 40 Watts from the PSU.