OpenGL 3.0 problem

i have intel core i5 2.75 Ghz and opengl 2.7 . the app requests the 3.0 or higher version . what can i do for this?
please i need an advice ! thank you!!

You need to stay with or install SketchUp 2016 as it is the last version the works with pre OpenGL 3.

I believe this is a graphics card issue. Check with the manufacture of your card for an update on the drivers.

i have checked but it doesn’t shows anything

Perhaps try these:

the problem is that i don’t have OpenGL 3.0

It would help if you filled in your profile correctly.
Your Graphic card isnt intel core i5 and what year version of sketchup is important.

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So how is my earlier answer not helping.

We realize that.
If you can update your Graphics Card’s drivers to have at least OpenGL 3.0 then you should be OK.
The links I gave allow you to check your OpenGL and see if updates are available…

i have install this program but it doesn’t shows me any update

It sounds like getting your graphics card updated might be beyond your level with computers. Perhaps you could take your computer to a shop and have them upgrade the graphics drivers if that’s possible. If not, maybe they can install a newer graphics card if your computer will handle it. They can advise you when they see your computer.

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thank you

You haven’t actually given us details of your Graphics Card…
Open this Control Panel > Device Manager
In the dialog which opens what is listed under ‘Display Adapters’ ?

Select it and right-click > context-menu > Update Driver Software…
Let it search the internet etc.
It will try to install any available updates…

If you still don’t have OpenGL >= 3.0 then make a note of the ‘adapters’ name - e.g. NVIDIA Geforce GT 610.
Then do a Google search for the manufacturer and download any available driver updates their site has for your exact GC specification etc… and install that…

@kostis.dombros, please read:

thanks for your help!

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