Upgrade to OpenGL 3.0

Can someone walk me through upgrading to OpenGL 3.0? I’m getting the following error when I try to start SketchUp:

The following errors were found when launching SketchUp:

  • Your “Intel® Q45/Q43 Express Chipset” graphics card’s OpenGL version is 2.1. SketchUp requires a graphics card that supports OpenGL 3.0 or better.

Unfortunately, these errors will prevent SketchUp from running. Updating your graphics card drivers might fix the problem.

See this Help Center article for more information.

I’ve never downloaded or run SketchUp before. I hope this computer can handle it.

Thank you!

Go to the Intel site and search for updated drivers for your graphics card.

I looked, but I guess my graphics card can’t handle OpenLG 3.0. So, it’s 2016 SketchUp for me.


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