SketchUp help with graphics card

Hello I bought a refurbished Dell desktop and today I installed Sketchup 17 and it says my graphics card is not right! What can I do to make my computer run sketchup?

And I already updated my graphics card and I don’t really want to spend a lot of money if I can help it

Until you resolve the issue with the graphics adapter, and it isn’t looking good as it is using the Integrated Intel card, you could try running Sketchup 2016. It is only Sketchup 2017 that mandates having the modern graphics cards capable of OpenGL 3.0

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You need Intel driver of or higher. in order to get the proper OpenGL support to run SketchUp. Your profile doesn’t indicate what model Intel graphics your computer has but if the version shown in your screen shot is the newest one available for it, you’re out of luck as far as running SketchUp 2017. As the Centaur says, you could use SU2016 and turn off Hardware Acceleration so the rendering is done by the CPU.

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Sorry to tell you this, but your old legacy G41 Express chipset will not support SketchUp 2017’s requirement for OpenGL v3.0 . Your chipset only supports OpenGL v2.0, see “Older Graphics Products” on this page:

Even Intel no longer supports this card (chipset). See:

Official download page for older SketchUp versions:

SketchUp Help Center: Downloading older versions

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Thanks everyone I’ll just download 16 and use it


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