Viewport on SketchUp is not working / empty

Please help me :slight_smile:this worksheet not working / empty :disappointed_relieved:

Hi there. Are you able to draw something or do you not see anything in the viewport at all? Try choosing a different template, see if it works.

Looks like a Graphic card issue.
Try Window / Preferences / Opengl and untick use hardware acceleration.
If that seems to fix things then you need to check for a better graphic card driver.

Thanks For All :slight_smile: Successfully :blush:

If you are still running a machine with the Intel G31/G33 Express Chipset Family, be advised that it does not meet the minimum hardware requirements for SketchUp, (re: OpenGL v2.0 min.)

Under Older Graphics Products, 4th row, it states OpenGL v1.4 support, for G31/G33 chipsets.

If you have an expansion slot, you’d need to update to a supported video card. Refer to the hardware requirements for SketchUp webpage.