SketchUp Desktop Viewer won't open

I have down loaded Sketchup Viewer on my Windows 8.1 Dell PC. All goes fine except
When the installation process is complete, I should see a SketchUp Viewer application icon on your Desktop and i do. I should Double-click it to launch the software and all should work fine…

BUT it doesn’t launch and all it does is generate a blank OGLdpf - blank notepad file.

Can anyone help - offer advice??? Thanks

OGLdpf is a log file related to OpenGL. Very likely your grpahics card isn’t up to the task of handling the OpenGL requirements of SketchUp. It might be that updating the graphics drivers will take care of the problem.

Thanks DaveR

Appreciate the time you have given me………

My system say it is: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000

I’ll get on to my technical people to sort it out for me as I struggle on this sort of thing……….


Very good.

Intel HD graphics cards have been known to be less than adequate in their support for OpenGL. Hopefully a driver update will take care of it.

driver version (or higher) is required.

If not avail and a Desktop PC you can add a dedicated graphics card, capable with low power consumption and payable is the GeForce GTX 1050Ti.

Links to Intel Driver Downloads on in this pinned post, by the SketchUp Team:

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