Sketchup Make 2017


I downloaded Sketchup Make 2017 normally and it appeared on my desktop and when I press on it nothing happens. I have tried to reinstall it but nothing changed.


You say you downloaded it. Did you install it? Did you install it correctly by right clicking on the installer file and choosing run as administrator?


Yes,I installed it and i did run as administrator.


But still nothing happens.


What driver version for your Intel graphics?


what do you mean?


Your Intel graphics card needs to have a driver. What version is the driver software?


I have Intel HD Graphics


The version is


Yeah. What version is the driver? If you do even a little bit of a search for Intel HD, you’ll find quite a few threads on the topic of using them and their poor handling of OpenGL.


An easy way to get the graphics card’s info is to install the Speccy program. It will provide the details that folks are requesting.


it’s okay as I went on the control panel and went on the graphics card and got the details.


See 2017 download and install errors (outdated Intel graphics driver) specifically:

Same ol’ story: Your Intel Graphics driver suite version
has known issues with it’s OpenGL library.

Sig[3].Name=Fault Module Name
Sig[4].Name=Fault Module Version
As said in several threads here, users with older Intel HD integrated graphics
need to update to version or higher.

Also see: Trying to use SketchUp Make 2017 - Won't Work Specifically:

"the driver versions with older versions crashing (specifically is known to fail) "

So update your graphics drivers and try again.


Ok, thanks