Help! sketchup make 2017 on windows 10, random bugsplat in a few seconds after opening a file



After opening a file, no matter what i do, ( navigating or selecting or deleting shapes… ) always crash at the begining of the work.

The problem had started after my graphics drivers automatic actualization.

Is an intel graphics 620, I’d went back to the previus version of the driver but the problem persist. ¿what should I do?


buy a nVidia Geforce GTX 1050(Ti) or better.


it was working fine since… more than a year maybe… the checkup.exe shows everything ok, anyway the problem persist…


yep, that’s the problem with integrated low-end GPUs as the intel HD series… flaky OpenGL support erratically altering from version to version.

You may want try to install the latest driver version 15.65 directly from intel.


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