SketchUp installation issues (Intel HD4000 integrated graphics)



Hello. I am trying to install the Sketch Up Make (not Pro) on my laptop (several times). When I am trying to run Sketchup 2017 program - it shows that is installing something but nothing opens up.

I tried to run the Layout but keep getting the following error message "Layout has stopped working – a problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. "

I also tried to run the Sketchup Checkup but getting the following message " Sketchup Checklist was stopped working - a problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. "

Any suggestions?


When you tried to install them, did you right click on the installer and choose Run as administrator?


no, but I just tried it and nothing is happening when I tried Sketuchup 2017 program and the same error message coming out when I tried Layout…

PS - This is my 2nd laptop… On my 1st laptop (brand new) I had no issues but this is my 2nd laptop and it is 4 years old (intel core i5 as well with Windows 10) - it is updated (few weeks ago) and I was able to install AutoCAD so I am not sure why this program is giving me issues now


What kind of graphics card does it have? Your profile says Intel Core i% but that’s a CPU, not a GPU.


Intel Core ® i5 3230 – HD Graphics 4000
8GB (7.88 usable)
64.bit operating
System x 64 base processor
Windows 8 @2013


Try updating the graphics drivers. That may work. It may not. It’s no unusual for cards of that nature to lack adequate OpenGL support.


thank you … will try this


The oldest driver that provides adequate OpenGL 3.0 support with Intel HD Graphics 4000 is First try your computer manufacturer for latest drivers.

See 2017 does not run for more troubleshooting tips for computers with Intel HD Graphics 4000.


so…we tried to upgrade the drivers but no luck…either we get new laptop or where can I find 2016 version of the sketchup?



thank YOU


The one case of AutoCAD ok my not mean all other cases are OK?
Can you post the make , model of each of the lap tops and the sku version of windows 10 you are running on each?
How are you connecting to the internet, modem with built in wifi capability or do you go thru a router to each machine.
I am not up to speed with checklist what/ how data is sent to Trimble but given it appears you are trying to run concurrently two machines with free version of SU and apparently in the free trial period there may be some issue.
I do understand the checklist is for QC type check for 3 d warehouse models but what other checks are done??
Have you tried running old machine / SU while you have the new one turned off. You may what to load the following on each machine and let it tell what you have in it vs what you may think
See this link also


In my laptop I have an i5-3320m that uses a HD4000 as well. Running SU17pro without any problems on Win10X64.Using an Intel driver


AutoCad and other Autodesk products haven’t used OpenGL acceleration for many years, so they are a poor example here. They use DirectX instead.