Black viewport upon opening SketchUp

Cant open many files, 20 mb


sketch up just goes black.

cant access the model, having problems earlier with the navigation using scenes, file constantly locked and required restarting.
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how can these files be resurrected?
I have a second machine and it is not a problem to load the same file and open it. Is it just a question of reinstalling sketchup?

What is the graphics on the problem machine ?

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• launch SU
• disable “Window > Preferences > OpenGL > Use Hardware Acceleration”
• close SU
• launch SU
• done

AMD or intel HD graphics subsystem? => “Windows Search > dxdiag > Graphics > Make/Model/Driver Version”

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Might have to reinstall SketchUp managed to open on older laptop.But re set the template which seemed to help.

@N1gel, Intel HD Graphics 530 is a very recent 6th generation integrated graphics. I have wondered how SketchUp runs on it.

(1) Check at your computer OEM for an updated driver, (or Intel.)

(2) Try disabling the LightUp extension, see if the SketchUp viewport is normal.

(3) Try disabling Hardware Acceleration as explained by sketch3d_de
(Applies to SketchUp versions < 2017.)

Thank you for your help and interest in my plight, you have been very helpful.

The graphics card is apart of a newish Dell laptop, which does have some text sizing issues. but it is a good work horse.
some of the models are 140mb cities with boats and stuff. handled it all very well untill last week with the Lightup extension and the soap bubble extension.

Did all you suggested, must have been thinking concurrently.

Thanks again for the help, greatly appreciated.

And so ? Have you been able to open models now ?

Yes I have opened all the problem models thank you

Well this is good. However it would be nice to know what the answer was, so that others with the same problem could know the solution.