Sketchup not loading anymore after windows 10 update

Recently upgraded to Windows 10 from windows 8 and now get a bugsplat trying to load

Have you tried the compatibility modes? See if that fixes the problem. There were some reports that Windows 10 doesn’t handle SketchUp as well as previous versions.

Yes, I did same result.

And have you tried running the application in Administrator Mode?

No I have not, I can give it a try

It did not work either same thing happened

Hm, that usually solves the problem but your case is probably different. Let’s see what others can say.

Have you updated your Graphics Card’s drivers ?
They need to be Win10 compatible, otherwise it might splat SketchUp [and other Apps using it]…
Have you tried reinstalling SketchUp v2016 as an Admin ?

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Pretty sure my graphics card driver was updated after the switch but I will redo and reinstall using admin

Your profile says Intel for graphic card - so no dedicated graphic card, but an integrated graphic chip?

Laptop or desktop?

yeah its integrated…laptop. I can’t seem to find an driver so assuming that is the issue.

Apparently the Intel Graphics Media accelerator is not compatable with Windows 10 but I was able to upgrade which is weird