Another graphics card question (Sorry)

at my work my computer was recently upgraded ( someones old hand me down)
this was when my boss installed Sketchup and told me to i should learn it.

The computer has a monster graphics card and working is sketchup is amazing
(I cant tell you what it is because of the IT policy wont allow me to open the settings)

I then decided to upgrade my laptop at home to something that would support OpenGL 3.0
I also purchased a new 27" monitor

but my visual experience at home is terrible in sketchup, jagged lines ext.
however videos and movies are crisp and clear.

My laptop has Intel HD Graphics 4000 (Lenovo T430)

Best i could do with the budget I had, and i thought it would do the trick.

I am now thinking about trying and external Graphics card?
Is this a viable rout or should I just accept the sub par experience and move on with life?

Is the Intel HD Graphics 4000 part of an integrated graphics adapter setup? Often systems with HD Graphics adapters will also feature a dedicated adapter from nVidia or elsewhere. If this is the case, set SU and other desired graphics programs to use the other adapter…(Not pointing to the Intel adapter)

(Since, this “issue” is not with SketchUp, but is “on you”, I’m moving this thread to the general Technical Problems category.)

We could have helped you better, if you had asked before you bought the obsolete 3rd generation machine.
This choice was an old 3rd generation CPU/GPU, that is know to have severe issues, especially under Windows 10 and OpenGL.

I think you could have done better with the money.

If you can send it back, I’d do so and at least get a 4th or 5th generation machine, even if you have to add a little more money. (You need to understand the OEMs are currently are shipping 7th generation machines.)

If you can’t your choices are to live with the issues, or sell it by owner and put the money toward something else newer.

The only “slot” you have open is a 34mm ExpressCard external bay. This means an external solution.

Google search: “expresscard 34 slot graphics card”

which says:

Our review unit unfortunately has the base 720p screen (1366×768 resolution); … This screen has poor color reproduction – colors look dull and unimaginative. Black levels aren’t deep and appear slightly grayish. But the biggest problem especially for business users is the low resolution; 1366×768 doesn’t cut it for multitasking between two windows and too much scrolling is required in web pages, documents – pretty much everywhere.

Typing this on the same T430. I only use it to show models to clients. You really can’t expect more from this laptop. It’s gpu is embedded and quite old already(*1), it’s cpu is not that powerful either and SketchUp relies on that as well.
The T430, imho, is mainly useful for typing text (great keyboard), use on the road (quite sturdy). All the heavy work preferably should be done on a more powerful desktop computer.

An external gfx card won’t work with this model because you need a (full lane) Thunderbolt3 port to really make use of the external gfx card. Also, any external gfx should be used with a HQ cpu as well to make use of it effectively.

*1) The choice for a gfx solution is a reoccurring problem @ Lenovo - they use really crappy gfx (and displays) in their Thinkpad line - you wont find a decent gtx10XX there. Not even in their P-line. They use the more expensive, and less powerful, quadro’s there. :frowning:

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The Quadro cards in notebooks that you can actually afford are quite slow. Mobile workstations with decent Quadros cost so much that the same money buys you a desktop workstation plus a decent laptop for adequate performance when mobile.

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I had a lot to consider, I still needed something mobile, wanted to use my current docking station, and I wanted a SSD,

in addition I needed/wanted a large monitor (granted i might have over done it with 27")

but for $400 I’m still happy with the laptop, and even though I could have spent a little more I just couldn’t reach the price of laptops with a dedicated gfx card.

also for the record I’m using windows 7 and have decided to join the cult and buy a mac before i would use windows 10
(secretly I still wished I had XP)

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