Technical Problems

Known Issues "Known Issues" are problems which we, the SketchUp team, have reported and are actively tracking. These issues are in active development and we may need your feedback to figure out why the problem is happening, or we may have suggestions to offer for you to work around the problem. SketchUp If you're having a problem in SketchUp, or wish to report a bug, do so in this category. LayOut If you're having a problem in LayOut, or wish to report a bug, do so in this category. Viewer If you're having a problem with either SketchUp Viewer, Mobile Viewer or HoloLens Viewer or wish to report a bug, do so in this category. Warehouses If you're having a problem with either 3D Warehouse or Extension Warehouse, or wish to report a bug, do so in this category. SketchUp for Web SketchUp Free is the new web based version of SketchUp and is currently in Beta. There WILL be bugs and technical problems, we’re working to address them and hope you’ll help by being as thorough as possible in your reporting of these issues. Everything posted here will be added as a bug for the product and evaluated for fix in a future update. To ensure it’s fixed as quickly as possible you’ll want to be clear and concise in your descriptions of problems. If you have a problem, search first, report second. If you see the problem already exists, respond in that thread with your new confirmation of the issue and additional issues you’ve confirmed affect the issue.
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