Graphic card recommendation

What type of graphic card is recommended sketchup 2016 pro . I have been using a NVIDIA Quadro 2000 for a few months but seem to be getting a lot more Bug Splats . 3D Warehouse is slow loading at times and sometime I get a sketchup note saying "not responding " if wait it may respond or show a Bugsplat. What can be done to correct this annoying problem .Should I place my NVIDIA Quadro 2000 ??

I don’t think 3D Warehouse loading speed has anything to do with the graphics card.

There are quite a few threads already that talks about the graphics card on this forum. (just search)

I prefer GTX series over Quadro since I find them more cost effective, but it is just personal preference.

Good luck.

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Have you tried updating the driver to the latest one from the Nvidia website?
Is your computer a laptop? In that case you should check in the Nvidia control panel 3D application settings that SketchUp is set to use the Quadro card - unless specifically told to do so, laptops tend to try saving power by using the motherboard-integrated Intel graphics chip instead.


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I downloaded the latest NVIDIA Quadro 2000 update this morning .I will check it out to see if it stops my bug splats on the larger 25 mb renderings . Thanks