Video card / driver

the tech guy for my office thinks I may need a new / better video card. I think exporting movies and just the general size/complexity of my models are overwhelming my computer. what do you guys use for video cards?

From what I’ve heard many times, don’t buy AMD graphic cards as they don’t work well with SketchUp. NVIDIA’s GTX cards are great.

figures, the computer has an AMD card

what model would work? I don’t think there is a huge budget in the office for this.

Almost any with enough VRAM. GTX 950…980? (about 300…500 Euros in our parts). If your IT guy insists upon a “professional” card, the low-end Quadros are not to recommend, so you should go for at least the Quadro 2200 but it still is slower than the much cheaper Geforce cards.


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