New Video Card?


What would you recommend I get.
I have windows 7 SU 2014 for 32 bit and using IntellGMA 3100 Card now.

Am looking for something with a quiet, easy to work with & fast if possible
price between 2-4oo$ ??

Thanks for suggestions


Try to get something from the NVIDIA brand. I’d personally avoid the ATI graphic cards as they are notorious with causing problems in SketchUp.


Ive been looking at either GForceGTX 950 or 960?


Any difference in provided GB?


The Wikipedia page of GeForce 900 Series lists the 950 (released August, 2015) as slightly newer than 960 (released January, 2015).

Here’s a comparison chart I pulled out for you. I’m not an expert in video cards as I have only general knowledge but 960 seems to be the better choice. At least by comparing numbers, it wins against the 950.




Also found this from other discussion
Sketchup doesn’t benefit from Quadro cards - a similarly priced or cheaper GeForce “gaming” card would give more bang for the buck. But keep in mind that the real bottleneck when zooming or orbiting is the CPU that has to take care of all the geometry (faces, edges) in a single processor thread while the GPU is processing the raster-based aspects (textures, shadows etc) of the model. This is why, usually, an expensive high-end graphics card doesn’t bring appreciable performance gains over a midrange and much cheaper one. Lags are usually caused by large (in face/edge count) models and a lot can be helped by skillful modelling.


Yes this is correct. SketchUp utilizes only a single core of CPU. This is normal behaviour and other 3D modelling programs have similar algorithms when it comes to the 3D modelling process (not talking about rendering, just the modelling process). It’s better to have a high-clocked single core CPU rather than a multi-core low-clocked one.


my tech guy recommended this card, any thoughts?

He says he uses it for 3D software (including Photoshop, Premiere, SketchUp, Second Life, and Blender)


what is your budget?

don’t buy predcessor models as e.g. the nVidia GeForce series 9 or worse an ol’ and lame GT 710… but the recent GeForce GTX series 10 as e.g. a GTX 1050/1050Ti/1060 (fast↔faster / cheap↔less cheap). Asus and MSI are fine, a silent twin fan preferrable.

Check space (2 slots space req.) and wattage of PSU before buying.


Here’s my operating system - What do you think? of using the EVGA GeForce GTX 950 2GB SC GAMING, Silent Cooling Graphics Card 02G-P4-2951-KR or


if price (or card length) is an issue:
Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB
if dual-fan preferred:


Thanks, No, I’m more concerned about fan noise.? The other card we looked at doesn’t have a fan and was the one used by the tech that built my computer. The card I have now is part of the hard drive and only has 250megabites.


Do you mean “part of the motherboard”?

I’ve never heard of a hard drive having a graphics chip!


dual-fan cards are silent by design, some of them do have a zero-fan mode if idling.

If passive cooled really required the brand new ‘Palit GeForce GTX 1050 Ti KalmX’ might be the choice:


So the Palit GeForce GTX 1050 Ti KalmX has no fan? thank you


obvioulsy (see above).