Advice regarding Dual Video Card setup



I just needed a little bit of advice regarding Dual Video Card setup. One of our users seem to have a bit of frame lag when viewing a 3D model in Sketchup 2015. If I were to setup a dual video card for his PC using 2 x Quadro 2000, would Sketchup benefit from it when rendering and viewing 3D models?

Is there any specific configuration or software needed for the Dual GPU cards to function as One GPU?

Thank You


I don’t think that adding cards would help. Also, Sketchup doesn’t benefit from Quadro cards - a similarly priced or cheaper GeForce “gaming” card would give more bang for the buck. But keep in mind that the real bottleneck when zooming or orbiting is the CPU that has to take care of all the geometry (faces, edges) in a single processor thread while the GPU is processing the raster-based aspects (textures, shadows etc) of the model. This is why, usually, an expensive high-end graphics card doesn’t bring appreciable performance gains over a midrange and much cheaper one. Lags are usually caused by large (in face/edge count) models and a lot can be helped by skillful modelling.



Okay, thanks for your input.