Graphics card and PC spec for best performance

I am getting a new desktop PC and considering between the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 (circa 1.1k AUS) and Nvidia Quadro M6000 (circa 7k AUD). Can anyone advice whether there is much difference between the two in terms of SU performance. Would it make a difference if I bridged two GTX 1080 together?

I am working on very large models and best performance is paramount. I read through the relevant forum topics and understand that a lot could be achieved with good housekeeping and efficient modelling practice. I want to make sure I’ve covered all the basis.

I was also advised the following spec for the PC:
I7 (highest single core performance)
Matherbord that supports M.2 with NVMe
500GB Hard drive SSD M.2

Informed feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t have any experience in graphics card bridging, but i know that GTX series will work better than Quadro in regards to amount of money spent for performance. There were some threads on this forum regarding that.

just search “Quadro”

As said many times in these forums before, buying expensive computer hardware is not the way to improve Sketchup performance. If the face/edge count of your models runs in the millions, orbiting and zooming will be slow whatever your computer specs. SketchUp needs OpenGL hardware acceleration for smooth operation, but even so, much of the processing is done by the single thread of your CPU. That is why generally the difference between a midlevel graphics card and an expensive gaming monster is usually hardly noticeble. Buying Quadro cards for SketchUp is a waste of money.[quote=“josephkim626, post:2, topic:28287”]
I don’t have any experience in graphics card bridging
Me neither, but I remember reading from somewhere that OpenGL doesn’t support it, and that it is an exclusively DirectX thing used in games.



Well, I have to disagree, my experience improved drastically after buying expensive hardware.

If I could have the same experience with less expensive hardware I don’t know. But now, my SU boosts, while before it dragged.

Of course this also is related to the fact that my single core processing power as risen to more than double and my CPU+GPU Ram+Vram is now 6x times bigger, allowing me to work on more demanding models.

There’s, nonetheless truth in that Sketchup has a short face/edge count limit, but you can stretch it to the max possible without even think on Quadro GPUs.

Also the definite truth is that you should optimize your model to get good performance.

as already elaborated many times, the SU performance - besides of appropriate modeling - is determined by the CPU speed (single core performance), for a new system an intel Core i7-6700k surely delivery the best bang for the buck.

Investing lots of money in the GPU won’t help much besides for render plugins resp. applications supporting GPU rendering. The brandnew GTX 1060 is a neat graphics card on par with a GTX 980 with a low power consumption (= silent) including 6 GB V-RAM available from 250.- U$ already (Asus or MSI twin coolers are fine).