Would another graphics card speed up SketchUp with big models?

Hi all,

I was wondering; if I buy a better graphics card, does that speed up the performance of sketchup 2017 with larger models?
I am using a GTX 970 now and got a lot of waiting time with high poly furniture models.

Maby i should buy a GTX 1080ti, what are you guys thinking?

Looking forward to hear from you!


IMHO you probably wouldn’t notice the difference. SketchUp relies also heavily on your CPU to shuffle its geometry around, and the bottlenecks usually lie there (like all other 3D modellers, SU is a single threaded application). Usually a “decent” sort of graphics card can well keep apace with the CPU.


You may want to try to reduce the poly count. See this thread for some ways of doing so:

It can make a dramatic difference to the speed of operation

In addition to Anssi’s response, as far as i know, your GPU has nothing to do with your modelling and navigation in viewport (As long as it meets the minimum requirements, OpenGL 3.0 etc., you’re fine).

So, your CPU (clockspeed mostly) and RAM are two major thing that can increase SketchUp performance. Also using an SSD (Solid State Drive) will significantly reduce time req. for opening/saving/importing kind of stuff.

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Thanks guys for your answers.

For your info, these are the specs of my pc:
Intel Core i7-6850K
500gb SSD

I can’t really simplify my models because is need high quality for realistic renders.
So, I am searching for the best hardware to use so i can keep it as smooth as possible
Maby i should switch to 3ds Max but i like the simplicity of sketchup to much.

I can understand that 2d face me components are not so applicable in your case. But i suggest you to take a look at this page and think again: https://sites.google.com/site/sketchupsage/faster/geometry#TOC-How-low-can-you-go . See especially first 2 spindle profiles and how much it reduces edge & face counts, yet you can’t really tell the difference.

But yeah, i wish SketchUp was handling models with very high polygon counts better…

Post a model example you think is a problem.
Form some of the bench mark tests NVIDA is usually rated very good in bench mark test results.
Photo textures can be main contributor to display slowness.
John showed above what can be done. All entities do not require high ploy.

The model i want to upload is to big… :slight_smile:

You can still get that but with very substantial reductions in edge and face counts, and smaller textures, if you remodel your components carefully. It’s one of the most effective ways to make your model more manageable.

You can always, selectively, put back the more complex components for rendering, where you need close-up detail.

The forum will limit then think it is about 3 MB but, you can upload to a file sharing site like drop box( it is free), then set to sharing so we can down load it.

Here’s a wetransfer download link. https://we.tl/JJSctYx1yy

upgrading to the i7-6700K would provide SU with ~8 more (modeling) performance… adhering to

• SketchUp Help Center: Improving Performance

probably much more.

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