No idea how to create this mop head. any suggestions?

Been using SU for a few years now but this has stumped me. Any ideas
Kentucky mop.jpg

Depends how detailed you want it to be, and what for.

If it is just background in a larger model, use an image with a transparent background outside the mophead, or trace round it on a face.

If you need to see it from more than one viewpoint you could make it into a 2D FaceMe component, or have a few images on separate layers taken from corresponding view directions, and turn one or two on in each chosen scene.

Unless you are either a masochist or a perfectionist, I would strongly advise NOT trying to make a detailed 3D model of it.

I can’t think offhand of any other good reason to try!


you could import and modify the 3ds model by Ritt

but it’s almost 44MB without optimisation…


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That’s why I wouldn’t do it - I can think of no useful purpose for such a model. Like most of the 3Dwarehouse components, except the few marked as ‘low-poly’.

It touches a sore nerve at the moment - I’m helping to simplify the entourage in a huge model, where most has been imported direct from the warehouse, with no thought for texture sizes, edge or face counts, or file size, by an inexperienced modeller. Great concept, but it has brought his machine to its knees before it’s half done.

I’ve redrawn about a dozen of the worst offenders, with little loss of visual quality, even fairly close up, and NO visible difference when zoomed out.

But DRASTIC reductions in edge and face count, and substantial reductions in file size. Some textures are still oversize for the purpose, but it’s proving harder to identify which they are - there about 1350 textures in the model already!

I DO wish the people who post their models on the warehouse would think before doing so - what would anyone else DO with this model that’s useful?

And use better modelling techniques - many make use of NO components or groups. How on earth they manage to draw them that way, I don’t understand (except for those uselessly imported from other CAD programs).


Thanks to Both Johns.
I will try the 2D face me idea. Never attempted this so will add another skill hopefully.
Thanks again

Hi @john_mcclenahan
For the benefit of many SketchUppers, would you mind sharing the techniques you use to develop economically sized models?

To be honest John i will photograph the mop and comp it into the final render.
hope this helps.

That’s another good way of doing it, if you don’t need it to be in the model itself.

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