Cannot view my model (solved)

after open my file, my model is invisible



Do this steps

DO NOT import components from 3D Warehouse directly into your working model! And do not import high-poly models, look for lighter ones or better, draw them yourself!

10 million edges

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Looks like @mihai.s has you sorted out. There some ridiculously large components in the model on top of what you are hoarding.

In addition to excessive geometry tyou should also reduce the huge texture files.

I first fixed incorrect tag usage, then purged unused stuff and then reduced the largest texture images.
Screenshot - 7_3_2023 , 6_29_51 AM

Screenshot - 7_3_2023 , 6_30_29 AM

Even so the model is basically impossible to work with unless it gets a deep clean.

I’ve been trying to do some further clean up to make your model usable but I think I’m going to quit. There’s so much file bloat that your model is taking a very long time to work with. I can’t devote more unpaid time to this one. I’ve seen a lot of huge SketchUp models in the past but this is the first one that is this bad.

My recommendation would be to start over keeping your model cleaner. There’s no need for the huge number of segments in circles like were used in the jars and other stuff.

super thanks all! can open smoothly after deleted @mihai.s @DaveR