Sketchup Pro 2021 Model Disappeared from View

Hi, I’m new to Sketchup Pro working on a home reno design model which has just disappeared. The file has been saved but when I open it, I can’t see the model. It is just a blank grey screen. I have checked the tags, purged and zoomed around but the model has just vanished.

Can’t seem to upload the model because it is too big…

Thanks in advance!!

If the model file size is too large to upload to the forum then there is a good chance that some or all of your data is there. However we will need to see the file to help. You will need to upload the file to a file sharing service and then post the link there.


Does this link work ? From sync…

Yes, posting that worked.

Your problem here is a cup of tea, really. You have a cup of tea in your model that is giant. It is so large it is causing the camera to go a little crazy trying to fit it all in. Open Window>Outliner and scroll down the list until you see the component <cup tea>, select it in the list and hit delete. Then hit zoom extents to see your model.

Or select View>Fog off. and you might just see the cup of tea so you can select it and delete it that way. Because…

You also have Fog display set to ON and in the same color as the background. So when you do get lost navigating because the tea is so big you cannot get back easily because you are lost in the fog. Open Window>Fog and uncheck display fog, or View>Fog off.

That’s a lot of tea…


Did you get the giant cup of tea from the 3D Warehouse. This illustrates one reason for always importing obects into a separate file so you can make sure they are suitable before adding them to your project.

In addition to the giant cup I see incorrect tag usage. ALL edges and faces should be created and left Untagged. Untagged should always be left active. In your file the tag called TOPOGRAPHY is active.
Screenshot - 2_25_2022 , 6_56_55 AM

I corrected the incorrect tagging of geometry.
Screenshot - 2_25_2022 , 6_57_34 AM

It’s also a good idea to purge unused stuff from the model. All that furniture and other entourage components you tried and rejected are still in the file. Purging reduced the file size by 42%. More could be done to streamline your model file and make it easier to manage.
Screenshot - 2_25_2022 , 7_01_49 AM

Before you start applying textures to your model you should make it a habit to correct the exposed back faces which are shown in blue. Those blue faces can cause problems when you are applying textures and also if you were to go to a rendering application. Many renderers don’t render back faces at all.

After letting CleanUp3 run…
Screenshot - 2_25_2022 , 8_36_34 AM
File size now reduced by about 47%.

There are also a lot of entourage components in the model whose level of detail is almost surely more than you need. For example, each little nozzle cone in the showerhead has a large number of edges, yet unless you create a view that is looking at that showerhead from a very small distance away you can’t possibly see all those small details/.

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Yep I got the massive cup of tea (!) from the Warehouse. I did notice the topography tag but wasn’t sure how to turn it off being active?

Thanks for your help…

Yup, good tip - thanks!