SOS my model has dissapeared

Hi there, I’m struggling to see my model on sketchup 22 desktop version and I’d really appreciate your help.
I was working on a model and suddenly it was gone.
I can not see anything else than this.
It’s blocked. I cannot zoom out or in at all.
I’ve been working hours and I wouldn’t like to lose all the work :frowning:
I’m afraid of saving it so i lose everything

can someone help me please??
thanks in advance!!


Could be any of a number of things. Possibly we can help you if you share the .skp file.

Hi Dave, thanks so much for the quick reply.
should I save it like this then? won’t I lose the work done?
now i can’t see anything but the screenshot attached

Yes. Save it as is or use Save as and give it a new name.

i saved a copy of it and when opening it, it says that the file is blocked by another user.
it can only be opened on reader mode.
it says that the skp is too big, how can i send it to you?

That message is normal because you already have it opened in another SketchUp session

Upload it to Dropbox and share the link.

ah ok. thanks!! here’s the link

can you see it? let me know if i should do anything else please

Looks like you managed to get the camera at a huge distance from your model. Maybe due to somethingyou had imported from the 3D Warehouse?

I fixed the camera and your model shows up. I also fixed the incorrect tag usage. ALL edges and faces should be created and remain untagged. Only groups and components should be tagged.
Screenshot - 8_10_2022 , 7_44_53 AM

I also purged unused stuff from you model. You should be doing that regularly. This reduced the file size by about 63%. Remember that just deleting components from the model space doesn’t remove them from the file. No point hoarding furniture and other components that you aren’t going to use.
Screenshot - 8_10_2022 , 7_45_33 AM

Here’s the link to the fixed model.

Hi Dave, thanks soooo much for fixing it. Really! Much appreciate it.

Yes, that’s right. I was importing furniture from 3d warehouse straight from the program and in one of those imports that happened. Do you recommend me to download the furniture first and then import it from my downloads?

So I know for next time (hopefully there is no next time) but how that happened? just to avoid it. how did i get the camara so further away?

what do you mean by all edges and faces should be created and remain untagged? I’m a newbie and dont fully control the program

thanks so much Dave!!!

Yes! You should always import components from the 3D Warehouse into a separate SketchUp file so you can check to see that they are suitable before your project. You might have to do some fixing before adding it to your project, too.

I don’t know if it happened when you added a component from the Warehouse or something else. If you are selective with the content you add you shouldn’'t have this issue.

Tags are used primarily to control the visibility of components and groups. Edges and faces inside those components and groups should not get tags. Tagging geometry will result in problems, errors, and extra work on your part.

You should take some time to go through the instructional materials at You need to be in control of the program and your model. Losing control will make you frustrated.

Thank you very much for such thoughtful answers Dave.
Your are right, many times I get frustrated. I should read and study the program.
Thanks for your patience, time and efficiency! :smiley:

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I understand that one thing that makes this happen is if the Warehouse model is geolocated. Why someone would geolocate furniture is beyond me, but it seems to happen.

Stuff in the Warehouse is very much caveat emptor so it is always best to check in advance.

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