Model has disappeared

I can’t move, select, or zoom out of the screen that I am in. If anyone could help me that would be greatly appreciated. I have read up on a post that had the same issue. It seems there was a camera that was preventing from zooming in but I can’t find one anywhere. I saved my project like this and now I am worried that I have lost my entire model. Any help or advice would be lifesaving, thanks!

My file is 124 MB so I am unable to share on this site unfortunately, if there is any way to share it please let me know.

For some reason it seems my axes are inverted, I can orbit but I can’t zoom or use zoom extents, it will crash my program and nothing happens if I let it load.

Upload the .skp file so we can try to fix it for you. Upload it to Dropbox and share the link.

Sorry I am brand new to this forum what do you mean by dropbox?

FIxed the camera position thing that resulted in the blank screen. There was a tiny stray edge at a great distance from the rest of the model.

I also fixed the incorrect tag usage. ALL edges and faces should be created and remain untagged. Tags only get put on groups and components.
Screenshot - 11_28_2021 , 3_14_13 PM

And I purged unused stuff. Something you should be doing frquently. This reduced the file size by more than 55%.
Screenshot - 11_28_2021 , 3_14_40 PM

There are a number of reversed faces that ought to be fixed and you ought to be using groups or components for the geometry of the walls and other stuff you are modeling yourself.

My recommendation is to avoid applying materials until you know the geometry is correct. Textures tend to make the graphics card work harder so leaving textures out until you are nearly finished with the model will help to keep you moving forward. It’s important to make sure you have only front faces exposed in your model. Especially if you are going to be doing rendering.

After you have assigned materials you can switch back to Monochrome face style to get them out of your way.

Explode what? You should be applying textures to faces in the model. That means you open groups and components for editing before applying those materials.

This is a fundamental thing in Sketchup. If you were my student I would tell you to put this model away for awhile and learn the basics of working with groups, components, and tags with much simpler models. I would also advise you to learn how to look at and clean up components you get from the 3D Warehouse to make them useful before you add them to your file. For example this bed needs attention. Incorrectly oriented faces, way more geometry that is beneficial considering the overall size of the model…

Also make sure that you are purging unused components and materials from your file. It looks like you tried out a whole lot of furniture from the 3D Warehouse and deleted it from the model space. The thing to remember is that deleting a bed from the bedroom doesn’t remove it from the file. It’s like you’ve taken it out and stuffed it into the garage along with all the other furniture you didn’t want to keep. Purging the unused components empties the garage.

I can’t thank you enough! I was so stressed before coming to this forum, you’re a lifesaver @DaveR !

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Glad I could help.

I can’t stress enough that you should take some time to learn to make very clean models. Might seem like it’s more time consuming and it may be a little on the front end but it’ll end up saving you time down the road in improved computer performance and result in models that are easier to model. That’s important because your first version will never be the final version.

It might sound a little “snooty” but I prefer to make my own components rather than use components from the 3D Warehouse. Usually I can make my own faster than I can clean up work done by someone else.

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I will watch some YouTube tutorials and practice working with groups, components, and tags. I never took a class oriented around the basics, instead I just jumped in and started modeling for class projects like this one. I really appreciate you taking the time to help me out!

I didn’t know you could switch between monochromatic face styles and the textured ones, I thought I had to explode the objects I had in groups and reassign the materials to the faces…

I’ve never gone about making my own components in SketchUp. For example that queen bed, to me, seems very difficult to make on my own. I’ll need to practice much more in modeling before I can make my own beds that look like that.

Thanks again @DaveR you made my day much less stressful and given some great insight for future modeling.

Happy Holidays!

If you don’t have it displayed already, you might bring out the Styles toolbar. Makes it easy to switch back and forth.

No. You can open the group or component for editing to make changes to the geometry and add or change materials.

They really don’t need to be that complicated, especially for entourage.

As for the bed, do you really want to show an unmade bed in your model? Maybe. I’d prefer to see one that is made up and neat. This was really done for a plan for the bed frame with a quick and easy mattress.

Keep plugging away. You’ll get it.

A great place to learn the basics The Learning Center and one more The SketchUp You Tube Channel. Pay attention to the Square One series.

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DaveR - Not at all snooty! A year on from starting SU Make 2017 I have stopped using 3D warehouse components as part of my model. I know that they are not now supported but when ocassionally downloaded from the web site I use them as references to build/model my own version.

I’d like to urge you to keep up responding to the very basic solutions to queries that are easily resolved elsewhere; I now try to work the solutions with native tools in Make 2017 without extensions to the queries before I look at your’s and Box’s resposes/solutions.


Thank you @RLGL!