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My na me is Jules and I’m a French students , I works on a projets of architectures.
Two days ago, I work on it and suddenly , my screens became all green ( Look at Screens )

But Sketchuop tell me that my works is always here !
If somebody jnow how can I fix this problem it’s can be cool , because is a project for my final Years of Hight School
Thanks .

Try Zoom Extents, keyboard Shift + z

i’v try it during 20 minutes but doesnt work anymore

Hello. Please upload your file. You might be having a geometry placed at an astronomically far distance from the origin. If that’s the case, it must be fixed.

Sorry but the file is to big

You can upload to Dropbox or Google Drive or OneDrive.

Try this but , you can also give me your mails that can be easyest


Steve, I think this is your specialty. :slight_smile: Can you have a look at this? I can’t seem to be able to fix it this time. I remember you once said you had a special Ruby code for this kind of stuff.

I’m assuming this isn’t all your model?

@Joyster, I managed to bring it back partially. (1.8 MB)

- EDIT -

Also, linking this thread to the other similar ones.

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Oh gosh you do it !
I dont know you do it but thx !

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Most of your model was hidden.
You have managed to add something[s] to your model that are bigger than about 7.4 light-years across - thereby breaking SketchUp’s ability to zoom etc.
(-4508395254318410470437465479764742421380236674003623513560562189174444573970707747436190908805651963310167018684408835125356265472m, -72116029676204743240181460552138696499339770305009971695621503977324822272148170929138818513613759281260497077183998665829763776512m, -0m)
(4913879694813697526214048087397781940031007330844016506881712272555829737939428201289681870762629971091119732802128932186882505648047383478819356672m, 4951622883486438139513346982818708281865517960128971605102073457028358511949180786792046491641956458868746580121850014218076191067272225185815592960m, 12.07m)

es=ents.find_all{|e| e.bounds.diagonal > 1000.m }
returns an array of four edges longer than 1 km !

I erased those with
but zoom is still bust !

I then selected all of the text and erased that…
Still bust !

I cleared all guides/points…
Still bust !!

I deleted the section-plane.
Still bust !!!

I suspected that you model was just too big.
There’s a large face that is in part located at least +1.5 km from the origin
Also many objects [~37000] are ± 500m from the origin too.
So it’s near the limit for SketchUp modeling - is it a ‘city’ - I see a ‘banc’ !
About thirty component-instances have insertion points more than 1 km from the origin.
The Sketchup.active_model.bounds is just too big - although when interrogated it’s modest, with about 81m as its bounds diagonal !
I suspect that some components have there origins far away from their geometry.
This is equivalent of having enormous components, or ones far from the origin.
But in the Component Browser they all look OK…
I suspect some of those trees are just badly made - Save_as to export the component externally and look at one [e.g. Sans]…

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I also found four edges insanely far from the origin and erased them. Then I did Edit->Unhide All followed by zoom-extents, and this is what I got. Done this way the huge bench isn’t placed where @VahePaulman put it, but otherwise things look quite similar.

Forum Projets 2017 (1.7 MB)

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