Help! Can't see model and can't use tools or zoom extent

Hi, Iwas hoping someone could help me. My file turned grey apart from 3 guide lines and I can’t see my model or use any of the tools on this particular file. Other files work fine so SketchUp itself is working, just not with this particular file. I spent a lot of hours on it and I really don’t want to have to restart it again as I was near finishing. There’s no back-up file or autosave file anywhere.

I heard Zoom Extent would help but it does nothing! Ive updated my OS software, Ive restarted and re-opening the file but it’s still just grey. I even unticked the OpenGL settings. I’ve seen other threads where this has happened to other people, and it seemed that the only solution was allowing other people to have a look at the file and “fix” it, but I don’t know how they’ve fixed them. So I was wondering if anyone can help me.

Please and thank you!!

How about uploading the SKP file so we can see it and give you an answer. Oops forgot to add that! Thanks for the fast reply!

Somehow your view’s camera has gotten moved out of the solar system. I fixed it with the following code in the Ruby Console:

cam =[10.m,10.m,10.m], ORIGIN, [0,0,1]) = cam

Usually when this happens there is some entity that is either very far from the model or very large, but I couldn’t find anything like that in your file…


Thank you for doing that! I appreciate it! So I guess I’ve managed to lose the model as well, :frowning:, Thank you for your help anyway!

Not sure what you mean? After I corrected the camera, there was content in the model:

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Oh sorry i see what you mean now! Sorry still a newbie to sketchup! Thank you so so much :smile:

I couldn’t fix your original SKP file.
Something wrong with its extents - although its bounds reported as relatively modest.
However, I deleted all guides, selected all and copied it to the clipboard.
Then I pasted it into a new SKP [which can’t be attached as it’s too big - I suspect giant textures ? since the geometry is modest - The …sleeper… texture is 239 Mb, Wood 01 is 7.2Mb, Wood_Floor is only 759kb ! ].
I attached a much smaller “de-textured” SKP !
FINALskp.skp (276.2 KB)

It seemed to work !

PS: A file named xxx~.skp is a MAC backup file - the original SKP has no ~ in it !


Thank you! I did fear it was the textures that may of caused it! I appreciate the help :slight_smile:

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