Zoomed out so far I can't see the model?

I see nothing of a model I’ve been working on for weeks. I had to wait for a spinning ball, and since it stopped, the file looks like nothing but a solid grey background.

Possibly I’m zoomed out so far into space that I can’t see it? In that case, how can I find it again?

I’ve seen the code RescueMyModel, but when I download the Ruby Console, I’m told it’s not compatible with my operating system (MacOS Ventura 13.4) or version of Sketchup (Pro Version 23.0.418), and I can’t paste text into the Ruby Console window.

Thank you!

Share the SketchUp file and I’ll see if I can fix it.

Might be that simply setting the Camera to Perspective and clicking Zoom Extents will deal with it. Might take a lot more.

OMG, it did!!! Thank you so much for the suggestion and the offer to view the file!