Can't see model in sketchup file

Hi, hoping someone could help me here. My sketchup file turned grey apart from 3 guide lines and can’t see my model. I tried Zoom Extent but unfortunately it doesn’t work. So I was wondering if anyone can help me to figure out the problem.

Appreciate any help, please:)

We can probably help you if you share the file. Download the .skp file to your computer and upload it in a reply in this thread.

Share the link here. Not sure why cant upload.
Thanks for the quick reply.

Because it is 352 Mb.

I’m downloading it now and will look as soon as I have the file opened.

Holey buckets! Your model is in tough shape. I’m not sure how you managed to let it get this far out of control but it definitely needs help.

Here are a few things I see.

First, you are using tags incorrectly. The pencil icon should always be left at Untagged. When I opened your file it was set to “Tag 1”. I ran an extension to untag the geometry. This is the result.
Screenshot - 7_7_2020 , 11_45_04 AM

I was able to get your model to show on the screen. There appears to be a whole lot of unneeded stuff scattered all over the model space. I don’t know what really is needed, however.

Strangely you have things like a shower door that has 92 nested components some of which are themselves nested. It’s the "Glass Shower Doors component that has all the stuff scattered around the model space

You can see the amount of space that takes up in your model.
Screenshot - 7_7_2020 , 11_54_55 AM

On the off chance you don’t really need that mess, I’ve deleted it. I also purged unused stuff from your model.
Screenshot - 7_7_2020 , 11_56_48 AM

That reduced the file size by about 42% and makes it so Zoom Extents will zoom in on your model.

By the way, you have a number of reversed faces which you should take care of before you start adding materials.

It’s still a huge file. I’ll upload it and give you the link when it is finished.

Out of curiosity, is this for a client?

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Here you go. It still needs a lot of work but at least you should be able to see your model.

The model contains quite a few “entourage” elements that are possibly way over-detailed compared to what you really need. For example, the dishes on the rack inside the cupboard contribute about 260 000 edges and 129 000 faces, yet are only visible from certain angles. The POTE + MACARRAO has about 286 000 edges and 123 000 faces, probably from all the spaghetti sticks that are invisible inside the jar. The chair ( kursi+kerja17) has about 380 000 edges and 253 000 faces.

I could go on, but by now it should be clear that many elements in your model have far more detail than is visible or really necessary. I suspect these are components you downloaded from the 3DWarehouse to add nice furnishings. But you should be constantly aware that there are a lot of models in the 3DWarehouse that are detailed for standalone use but significantly too detailed for inclusion just as decoration in a larger model.

Edit: BTW I’m quite impressed that you can work with this model at all using SketchUp Free (Web)!

Wow. Thanks for the help. Really learn a lot from your feedback. Will look thoroughly the tag and filter unused item. So if i ever encounter the same issue again, how can i help myself to solve it?

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Hi, thx for the comment. Ya it could be the complex items in there.