Trying out Sketchup free (web) and can't see my model

Hi, hoping someone could help me here. My sketchup file turned grey apart from 3 guide lines and can’t see my model. I’ve tried zooming in specific directions but unfortunately it doesn’t work and eventually locks up. The file is about 17 mb. I was wondering if anyone can help me to figure out the problem.

Appreciate any help, please:)

Try shift z
If that doesn’t work use the download option from the top left menu and attach the file to your reply.

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u shape country estate - R.Healey 2023.skp (15.8 MB)

Go to the bottom icon on the left toolbar click it then click the bottom one on the popout.
Wait a sec, then carefully scroll out and your model should appear.

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Legend, thanks that worked!

Ok, shift z is the same thing, zoom extents.
There was or is something odd with your model that I wasn’t easily able to find. Zoom Extents should have zoomed so you could see the whole model, but for some reason it zooms in close on the origin, hence the careful zoom out for it to appear. If you try to orbit at that point it flies off.
But once back in control it seems ok.

As Box showed, two Zoom Extents fixes the problem. But, I created a bug report about it anyway, so we can figure out what was odd about the model.


A lot of components (inside to other groups) with different scales imported directly into the working model.
An eraser and a few texts bigger than the house


I meant, with regard to zoom extents. Whatever else is wrong with the model, zoom extents ought to show all of the geometry (sometimes as a tiny speck if there is geometry a long way off). For this model zoom extents is zooming into a tiny part of the model.

Something with the group in which that eraser is and its scale.

Hi! I am having the same problem, I cant see my model but I know is there because I see it in print preview. I tried zoom extend and nothing. I was uploading something from the warehouse and then I stopped seeing my model. Can someone help me please

Download a skp file for help. Otherwise it’s just a guess. You can attach the skp file to your reply in a new topic. Since this one has been solved for the one who started it, you will get a response quicker under a new topic.

It’s very slow working on your model due to the bloat. You titled this file as a practice assignment. Is this for a class on using SketchUp?

You had the camera set in a bad position and because the file is so bloated, it’s practically impossible to work in it.

I fixed incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 2_9_2023 , 9_36_22 PM
Deleted unused stuff.
Screenshot - 2_9_2023 , 9_38_15 PM
And reduced the size of some innecessarily large textures. The first few are shown here. Why would anyone need a black color material that is 5700 pixels wide?

I’m still working on your model to make it so you can work with it. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen one as difficult as this. It may have to wait until tomorrow.

I wound up also removing the obese patio furniture components to make the model at least workable. It’s still much larger than it ought to be. Those components were dragging your model down.

HI thank youu! but I cant find the file it says it was deleted

I figured you’d gotten it days ago and deleted to clear space. I’ll have to go through your file again and fix it. I’ll post the new link when I’m finished.

Here you go. As before, it’s still ridiculously large but it should be more manageable than it was.

Are you taking a class where they are teaching you how to use SketchUp?

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thank you!

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