Nearly finished a model and it disappeared!


My model is not visible/zoomable. I was orbiting around and zooming in and out, checking out if I missed anything while assigning color to items, and now I cannot zoom in or out, and my model cannot be seen. The only view that shows anything is TOP view, and all I see are garbled dimensions due to being zoomed out so far. All other preset views do not show anything. When I select all with CMD-A, the Model properties box shows 422 selected, so I’m assuming my model is still there and that Sketchup is locked out to zooming or something.

Any help would be immensely appreciated!


Try hitting Shift + z, this is the default shortcut for Zoom Extents.



Try pressing… ‘Shift’ + ‘Z’


My goodness! Thanks for the Shift Z suggestion. I did it once and nothing happened. Did it two more time and my model popped up! Thank you Thank you…