Zooming issues

so basically if I zoom kind of close, then my model disappears or just zooms me out, and then sometimes my zoom feature will just stop working and I’m stuck somewhere and I can’t zoom out I can’t use the zoom tool and I can’t see any of the axes so I can’t make any shapes or anything

The bottom tool on the left is the orbit tool pop out, the bottom tool of that set is zoom extents which zooms out to fit the full size of your model in your window. There is a default keyboard shortcut for this too which on windows I believe is cntrl-shift-e? This is a handy way to get reoriented if you get lost in the model.

shift z

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hm… alright i’ll try that what about my model disappearing when i zoom in enough is that normal? it is only normal if I look at the very top update: ctrl+shift+e did not work im still somewhere random and I am unable to do anything

We would have to see an example of this “disappearing”, it could be clipping, especially if you are modeling a lot with the camera set to parallel projection. Search clipping on the forum for more information and examples.

Cool thanks for setting that straight, Shift Z indeed does the trick. I use that on desktop but for this I was reading from the tooltips in Free and saw this shortcut listed (guessed at ctrl for PC). Funny enough they both work on SketchUp Free, weird. Shift Z is much easier.

alright i tried shift z also but that didn’t work im just stuck there with nothing I can do I can’t use tools and all I see is my tool bars and sketchup stuff but it’s just green

Can you save as from the hamburger menu upper left? You might be frozen, refresh the page?

I solved the frozen stuff kind of I used zoom window and somehow got back but it still keeps freezing and my model starts like fading out and cutting out if i try which makes it difficult