Modeling - lost my model please help



Lost my model help please. I had the view saved but can’t its zoomed way out and I can’t find it.


First thing, try shift +z.


“Camera > Zoom Extents” will zoom in until your entire model is visible. The shortcut is command + [.

@Box I never knew shift + z was a shortcut for zoom extents. That’s cool!
@Jen_Weaver Just don’t use command + z while you can’t see your model because it might undo something…


tried it seemingly no response


If you could attach the model we may be able to help.


Try Select All (Ctrl+a), and look in the “Entity Info” box if it shows something.
Try to edit- Unhide All
If there is nothing listed, you probable have deleted the model.
Get the model in a previous state by using “undo” (Ctr+z) several time’s.


Refinement to the above suggestion: do a Save As into a new file, prior to performing any Undo operations. That saved copy might prove handy if some kind of further recovery steps are needed.


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